Bahamut Interdiction

A band of missionaries of Bahamut arrive at the city of Ferrennis after traveling for many days. The missionaries have heard rumors that Baron Askepios is also a follower of Bahamut and wish to persuade him to fund the construction of a temple in Ferrennis.


Upon arriving at Ferrennis the party discovers that the people of Ferrennis wish to remain unassociated with any particular god. They also discover that the Baron is waging a war on the darkness of the wild to provide safety and wealth to his people.

Main Quests

  1. Heroic Tier
    1. Clear Wild
    2. Neutralize Silverhorn Camp
    3. Escort Caravan from Temple Ruins
    4. Search for Artifact
    5. Infiltrate P.A.W.N.
    6. Ambush Cerpin Clearing Party
    7. Discover D.E.R.
    8. Attack C.O.T.
    9. Kill Baron
    10. Use Artifacts to Open Portal to Shadowfell
  2. Paragon Tier

Side Quests

  1. Monster Hunt
  2. Ghost Ship
  3. Master Thief
  4. Melora Inquisition

Cities and Towns

Bahamut Interdiction