Bahamut Interdiction

Game 2

While waiting in Ferrennis, preparing for their assault on the young black dragon in the swamp, the party was approached by Kaliespos at one of the alchemists in town. Picking the cleric out he lifted him up by the neck and held him to the wall. Kaliespos was wondering why they were in town instead of out clearing the wild. During the altercation Kaliespos let slip that he not only knew about the black dragon but also that there was another dragon out there. It became apparent that Kaliespos had sent the party to die at the hands of one of the dragons in hopes of appeasing it at least for a short time.

After Kaliespos left the alchemist’s

Game 1

The Bahamut Missionaries arrive at the city of Ferrennis after a 2 month ship ride. Upon leaving the ship they encountered the regional guards known as Cerpin. The party learns that now weapons or armor are allowed inside the city. After relinquishing their supplies they spoke with the captain of the guard known as Kaliespos. When asked about an audience with Baron Uradel Askepios the captain informed the party that no one gets and audience with the Baron unless he requested it. The party decided that their actions clearing the wild may speak for them convincing Uradel to seak them out. Kaliespos hired the party to clear an area of wilderness north of the town of Utini and supplied them with two maps one of the region and a map of the area to be cleared.

On the way out of town the party was approached by an elder dwarf armorer named Rethynal. Rethynal requested the party look for a mythical beast he encountered many years ago in the Sepiros Forest. The other townspeople don’t believe in this beast and have thought Rethynal to be crazy. He asked the party to bring him proof of its existence to clear his name.

The party is hopes that by converting the outlying towns it may become easier to convert the capital.

After an uneventful 3 days of travel to Utini the party arrived to a barren street. There were no citizens in the streets. The party chose to enter the local inn. Horaver Droverson, the innkeeper sold the party a room for 30gp for a month. He gave them this price only after requiring them bring him proof that they are making the area safer. He also demanded that any prayers or rituals be confined to their room as to not disturb the townspeople.

After a rest the party left Utini north through the swamp to begin clearing the wilderness. The first day and night in the swamp are uneventful. On the morning of the second day the party happens upon a Kobold camp. After Lestro took two acid orbs from the Wyrmpriest that seemed to be leading the camp, the party was able to dispactch the 4 Minions 2 Dragonshields and the Wyrmpriest. They searched the camp and found 150 gold and a healing potion.

The party then continued to trudge through the swamp. A short distance from the camp a young black dragon swam up behind them and taking the party by suprise, stunned the entire party with frightful presence, and the attacked all of them with his acid breath. Kriv, the dragonborn paladin, spoke to the dragon and convinced him that the party was leaving his swamp. The dragon instructed the party to hastily leave the swamp and never return. “I will be watching” were the final words from his mouth.

The second night in the wilderness as well as the next day the party again found nothing while following the river through the open plain. The paladin began to wonder why they were clearing this area when they can’t seem to find anything. On the third night the party was attacked by a wolf pack while taking a short rest. The wolves surrounded and brought down Lestro leaving the party one short. Thinking quickly Darrak summoned an angel of fire down from the heavens. The wolves sensing the angel being the weakest turn on it. Radiant light burst from within the dire wolf leading the pack destroying it as it attacked the angel. With the leader dead the party was able to take out the rest of the pack.

The next day the party reached the Sepiros Forest. While wandering through the dense trees and undergrowth the party noticed a black figure straight in front of them. They couldn’t determine the exact location of the creature but it appeared to be a black feline. As the paladin stepped forward the creature seemed to disappear. Suddenly they were attacked from behind by the displacer beast. After being on the losing end of the battle for some time and watching the beast run circles around them the cleric took the burden of leadership instructing the party to surround the beast. After taking minor damage the party successfully locked the beast down. In a desperate move the beast killed the cleric in an attempt to open an escape route. As its bite struck the cleric radiant light burst from its eyes and mouth and the cat crumpled to the ground.

Avoiding the swamp the party returned to Utini and showed the innkeeper the beast they had just slain. The innkeeper returns 10 gold to the party for their accomplishment. After another three days the party returns to Ferrennis. After some tough talk from the guard at the gate the party showed him the displacer and he let them take it inside. Rethynal found the party and thanked them for clearing his name. After much arguing Rethynal promised to make the party armor from the hide of the displacer keeping only the tentacles for himself. He told the party that it would take him one week to complete the armor.


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