Ferrennis is the capital city of the Vingere Province. It is a port city of grand proportions. This is the home of Baron Uradel Askepios the noble leader of the Vingere people. After years of seclusion the outlying cities of the region have begun to gain wealth thanks to the Baron’s crusade against the darkness of the wilderness. In the past Ferrennis was the home to nearly 85% of the Vingere population due to being the only city that trade routes could reach without considerable losses. The people of Vingere are more than pleased with the Baron and what he has done for the region.

The city is huge with the central tower of the Baron’s castle rising from the exact center. The city walls are 45 ft high and 15 ft thick. They appear to have an enhanced mass seeming to be much more durable than a standard wall. The city is alive with trade, goliaths and half-orcs carry gaint bundles of goods from the boats that seem to arrive in a continuous flow. The management of the port is so precise that upon arrival you barely notice the other ships flowing in and out around you. The streets are teeming with people but none of them appear to live in squalor like in other cities. There are numerous soldiers dressed in white cloth with jet black plate armor on their chests.


  • Zaknafein’s Baker
  • Gutsnaga’s Baker
  • Baker of the Beige Pine
  • Nasty Queen Baker
  • Istorvir’s Baker

Boarding House

  • Amdrigar’s Boarding House
  • Yavagran’s Boarding House
  • Mushy Bull Boarding House**


  • Bericttheof’s Brewer
  • Careless Goblin Brewer
  • Skillful Priest Brewer
  • Superficial Bugbear Brewer
  • Haemred’s Brewer
  • Nervous Artifact Brewer


  • Ulliaandara’s Butcher
  • Malarr’s Butcher
  • Bestial Centaur Butcher
  • Disobedient Bottle Butcher
  • Great Gazelle Butcher
  • Clueless Worg Butcher


  • Szordrin’s Cheesemaker
  • Cheesemaker of the Irritated Azer
  • Selehild’s Cheesemaker
  • Cheesemaker of the Howling Golem


  • Mad Sphinx Fishmonger
  • Hygesig’s Fishmonger
  • Laureendil’s Fishmonger*
  • Nathrae’s Fishmonger
  • Testy Champion Fishmonger
  • Fishmonger of the Black Barbarian
  • Young Mother Fishmonger


  • Egotistical Elm Grocer
  • Brubwort’s Grocer
  • Raldrigar’s Grocer
  • Wode’s Grocer
  • Fordfrith’s Grocer*
  • Hardbrod’s Grocer
  • Dakauz’s Grocer
  • Grocer of the Dogmatic Hyena
  • Iolad’s Grocer


  • Urdiarel’s Hostel
  • Practical Hammer Hostel**
  • Hostel of the Jealous Halberd
  • Hostel of the Silent Djinni


  • Inn of the Mystic Zombie**
  • White Lycanthrope Inn
  • Grumpy Owlbear Inn
  • Nobgor’s Inn
  • Muggut’s Inn
  • Eadgeld’s Inn*
  • Jealous Wyvern Inn
  • Pellanistra’s Inn
  • Handsome Nightshade Inn
  • Bregugar’s Inn
  • Snagaskab’s Inn
  • Harnor’s Inn
  • Pretty Hobgoblin Inn
  • Quiet Abyss Inn


  • Tavern of the Gorgeous Wolf
  • Spiteful Fawn Tavern
  • Tatlind’s Tavern**
  • Aethelgund’s Tavern
  • Lararel’s Tavern*
  • Careless Lion Tavern
  • Tavern of the Radical Wereboar
  • Musical Octopus Tavern
  • Hard Ghoul Tavern**
  • Ilphrin’s Tavern
  • Musical Goblet Tavern


  • Desperate Flame Blacksmith*
  • Attractive Shadow Blacksmith
  • Vain Raindrop Blacksmith
  • Grunin’s Blacksmith
  • Tsabrak’s Blacksmith
  • Intolerant Shadow Blacksmith


  • Apothecary of the Placid Guardian
  • Klin’s Apothecary
  • Ruddy Lute Apothecary
  • Tilgar’s Apothecary


  • Doomed Kraken Armorer
  • Depressed Beast Armorer
  • Cobalt Spider Armorer
  • Teranel’s Armorer
  • Hero’s Armorer
  • Bad Squire Armorer
  • Strong Orc Armorer
  • Responsible Earl Armorer


  • Bookbinder of the Gold Falcon
  • Argent Toe Bookbinder
  • Fascinating Preacher Bookbinder
  • Heror’s Bookbinder
  • Xullrae’s Bookbinder


  • Gronia’s Bowyer
  • Moody Chimera Bowyer
  • Green Serpent Bowyer
  • Eldialion’s Bowyer
  • Zodgor’s Bowyer
  • Balum’s Bowyer
  • Zarra’s Bowyer
  • Thindina’s Bowyer
  • Nazurty’s Bowyer
  • Aethelwict’s Bowyer
  • Kiltri’s Bowyer
  • Magthug’s Bowyer
  • Chaotic Grandmother Bowyer
  • Grounn’s Bowyer
  • Chaldria’s Bowyer*
  • Religious Sahuagin Bowyer


  • Selfish Anchor Furrier
  • Dakagog’s Furrier
  • Chaotic Dance Furrier
  • Lavender Halfling Furrier
  • Nadal’s Furrier


  • Grumsnaga’s Glassblower
  • Humming Beast Glassblower
  • Glassblower of the Appreciated Bard
  • Glassblower of the Sentimental Pixie
  • Siggar’s Glassblower


  • Beohere’s Herbalist
  • Guldor’s Herbalist


  • Testy Hair Jeweler
  • Ketnia’s Jeweler*
  • Funny Hair Jeweler
  • Cinnamon Whale Jeweler


  • Dakagrot’s Locksmith
  • Mug’s Locksmith
  • Silent Kobold Locksmith
  • Malice’s Locksmith

Specialty Smith

  • Slow Wight Specialty Smith
  • Finicky Sail Specialty Smith*
  • Rich Gnoll Specialty Smith
  • Mad Ankheg Specialty Smith*
  • Sleeping Scribe Specialty Smith
  • Specialty Smith of the Enterprising Shoemaker
  • Specialty Smith of the Brilliant Locathah
  • Haughty Arms Specialty Smith


  • Revolutionary Bat Weaponsmith
  • Amrond’s Weaponsmith
  • Weaponsmith of the Upset Sorcerer
  • Angry Rakshasa Weaponsmith
  • Dollor’s Weaponsmith*
  • Weaponsmith of the Mystical Cockatrice
  • Rotthug’s Weaponsmith
  • Savage Sorcerer Weaponsmith
  • Bestial Dracolich Weaponsmith
  • Duffrunt’s Weaponsmith
  • Weaponsmith of the Egotistical Knight
  • Weaponsmith of the Inconsiderate Bulette
  • Skarteef’s Weaponsmith

Boat for hire

  • Deceitful Sorcerer Boat for hire
  • Vorn’s Boat for hire
  • Passionate Owl Boat for hire
  • Drunken Flood Boat for hire
  • Absent-minded Staff Boat for hire


  • Black Merman Porter
  • Murky Helm Porter
  • Flying Leopard Porter
  • Careless Anchor Porter
  • Rude Steed Porter
  • Religious Blacksmith Porter
  • Burgundy Mage Porter
  • Grotbag’s Porter


  • Nice Elf Shipwright
  • Confused Nobleman Shipwright
  • Fiery Ox Shipwright*
  • Striped Ash Shipwright
  • Shipwright of the Cowardly Survivor
  • Larholen’s Shipwright
  • Ogstuf’s Shipwright
  • Screaming Halfling Shipwright*


  • Waldsig’s Stable
  • Stable of the Biased Star
  • Stable of the Hardy Father
  • Ullialhil’s Stable
  • Mischievous Githzerai Stable
  • Groina’s Stable
  • Belip’s Stable
  • Hardwiw’s Stable*
  • Garbeorn’s Stable
  • Slack Gelding Stable
  • Glowing Tree Stable
  • Rotgrod’s Stable
  • Vain Ash Stable


  • Thinondi’s Alchemist
  • Pink Fawn Alchemist
  • Alchemist of the Young Basilisk

Assassin/Bounty Hunter

  • Dull Rhinoceros Assassin/Bounty Hunter
  • Industrious Wind Assassin/Bounty Hunter
  • Tolerant Foreigner Assassin/Bounty Hunter
  • Gundhelm’s Assassin/Bounty Hunter


  • Haldil’s Astrologer
  • Taciturn Ettin Astrologer
  • Astrologer of the Idealistic Elemental
  • Astrologer of the Dependable Child


  • Dwtri’s Barber
  • Gargantuan Orc Barber
  • Ryld’s Barber
  • Dizzy Aboleth Barber
  • Uzbad’s Barber
  • Soft Squid Barber


  • Ill-humoured Orc Barrister
  • Mourn’s Barrister
  • Rat’s Barrister
  • Osman’s Barrister


  • Sigsig’s Healer
  • Leof’s Healer
  • Healer of the Screaming Cobbler
  • Clever Tankard Healer
  • Thorgrima’s Healer
  • Sincere Otyugh Healer
  • Healer of the Magenta Beast


  • Yellow Githzerai Navigator
  • Dangerous Nun Navigator
  • Navigator of the Hospitable Wererat*
  • Vile Hostage Navigator
  • Nazkop’s Navigator
  • Akordia’s Navigator
  • Thzad’s Navigator
  • Norgrim’s Navigator


  • Zoggrot’s Scribe
  • Reasonable Leopard Scribe
  • Scribe of the Fantastic Adder
  • Scribe of the Dark Human
  • ShriNeerune’s Scribe

Thieves’ Guild

  • Morthug’s Thieves’ Guild*


  • Eldigaliel’s University


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